1 = attraction, attractiveness, glamour [glamor, -USA], liking, draw.
Ex. Subject-type title indexes have two important attractions.
Ex. It is therefore one of the librarian's prime tasks to preserve the attractiveness of the stock for as long as possible.
Ex. In many cases needs other than those of the user are driving the further introduction of the Internet into libraries, e. g. the glamour and marketing value of connectivity, and the egos of librarians = En muchos casos necesidades diferentes a las de los usuarios están fomentando aún más la introducción de Internet en las bibliotecas, por ej., el carisma y el valor comercial de la red y el ego del bibliotecario.
Ex. Sometimes this exchange can be sufficient to reshape our reaction from one of dislike and puzzlement to liking and understanding.
Ex. The draw of earning up to 30 pounds per cadaver without risking life or limb proved too tempting for some of the more barbarous resurrectionists, however, leading them to commit murder.
* atracción fatal = fatal attraction.
* atracción peligrosa = siren song.
* atracción personal = personal attraction.
* atracción secundaria = sideshow [side-show].
* factor de atracción = pull factor.
* foco de atracción de turistas = honeypot.
* poder de atracción = drawing power.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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